Image 1: Save, Open and New Audience Buttons

Saving Audiences

You can save audiences for later use and to share with your team. To save an audience click the "Save" button (image 1: callout 1). If you like, you can enter a name in the text box, but you can always hit save without doing so.

Hitting save will always bring up the save audience modal.

Image 2: Save Audience Modal

Enter a name for your audience (required), a description (optional) and a privacy type.

Read more about Privacy Settings here

Once you hit "Save As New" your audience will be saved and you will be redirected to a new url that you can save or share.

If you make changes to an audience and hit the save button you will have the option to "Update" (overwrite original audience) or "Save As New".

**Audiences must have unique names, and if you delete an audience you still won't be able to use the name of the deleted audience.

Image 3: Update or Save as New Modal

Opening Saved Audiences

To start from scratch with no filters simple hit the "Open Audience" button (image 1: callout 2).

The open audience modal will appear. Recently created/edited audiences will show at the top, but you can easily find what you are looking for by using the search box (top right). Once you see the audience you want to open click the title.

Image 4: Open Audience Modal

Sharing Audiences

Once you've saved an audience you can share it with team members (as long as you haven't marked it "private").

  • From saved audience page: If you are on the audience you want to share you can copy the url from your browser

  • From "open audience" modal: you can copy a shareable link to audiences from the open audience modal (see Image 4 above).

  • Direct Access:

Start a New Audience From Scratch

There are a few ways to start a new audience from scratch

  • From the audiences page: hit the "New Audience" button (image 1: callout 3)

  • Simply click the "Audiences" navigation link and you will land on a fresh audience page

Deleting Audiences

Currently the only way to delete audiences is to activate the "Open Audience Modal" and either hit the trashcan icon.

Image 5: Deleting Audiences from Open Audience Modal

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