This answer depends largely on your use case and the specific information or data that you need, and how you are going to use it. Generally speaking, however, we believe our data will perform on average at about 90% accurate in your tests. We maintain strict quality metrics for all our data products and we can answer any specific questions, explicitly, if you contact us directly.

We have been providing B2B data to the largest and most successful martech/adtech platforms, technology companies, major brands, and advertising agencies for almost a decade. We know our quality meets the needs of almost 100% of customers that test it.

NetWise employs strict and continuous QA procedures beginning with our data collection, continuing throughout every step of data analysis and processing, and finally before export to our customers and channel partners. This QA process is enhanced by our multi-sourced supply chain, providing many vectors for increased quality and accuracy, and is further backed by both manual oversight and unit testing throughout the production process.

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