This is an extremely complex subject, and MANY things affect your email deliverability other than just the accuracy of an email list. These issues can cause vast swings in the success of your email campaigns, often causing much greater problems than a bad email list alone would cause.

You can find many resources online for managing and coordinating more successful email campaigns. We generally do not provide specific guidance here.

Although we present general guidance regarding how to use emails obtained from NetWise, we do not guarantee deliverability or bounce rates as that can be impacted by many factors outside our control.

These factors can include:

  • The companies you are contacting (eg. large companies have much more aggressive spam policies)

  • The people you are contacting (eg. sending to many people at the same company at the same time will almost always get most of your emails sent to spam)

  • Your subject line, copy, signature, links, images, word choices, etc. (eg. the word “free” or the phrase “work from home” in your subject line will land your emails in spam at many recipient organizations)

  • The IP Address(es) you send from

  • Your email service provider

  • Your email platform provider

  • Historical emails you have sent

  • The cadence, frequency, time, and volume with which you send emails

  • Your domain DNS settings (including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC settings)

  • Many other things

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