When you create or update most objects in the app you will need to choose a privacy setting.

**Regardless of what option you choose, everything in your company account will only be accessible to logged in users in your company account.**

  • Private: choose "private" if you don't want anyone else on your team to be able to view, use or edit your object (file, audience etc). Be careful when using this option, if you share a link with a team member they won't be able to view it.

  • Team View (recommended): choose "team view" if you want people on your team to be able to view and use your object, but not edit it. Good examples are audiences or export configurations you want other people to be able to use, but not change without your knowledge.

  • Team Edit: choose this option if you want to let anyone in your organization view and edit your object. Be careful when using this option, we don't recommend building important audiences or exports you are planning to use in the future that depend on "team edit" objects, other users can make changes without your knowledge.

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